Copyright Lissoni Associati photo Gionata Xerra| ©2015
Lundborg and the workshop of a nose
for Lundborg w/Studio Lissoni Associati
Client: Loundborg
Date: 2015

Lundborg is historic name of American perfume-making tradition, operating since 1860, when its founder created Violette Flor.  The contemporary interpretation is a composition of two big light bookcase backlit by white-lighted walls, whose predominant item, is a perfume bottle. The ispiration comes from the design of one of historic bottles, recreated in four different graphic variation recalling the style of old bottle. 700 flacons, in a perfume workshop, with sculpture made up of ampoules, stills, black orchid pots, hanging plants and large pieces of glassware recalling the story of the brand and of the craft.